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We help you reduce the noise in your office and home by taking control of your acoustic environment

Looking for a permanent solution to soundproof a dedicated office?

Or a portable solution so you can set up a workspace anywhere in your home?

Sound-Insul8ion has over 20 years experience in managing acoustic environments.

  • About Sound-Insul8ion

    Founded by Acoustic Engineer, Paul McNaughton, Sound-Insul8ion Ltd is dedicated to creating solutions to control unwanted noise within our homes.

    Paul studied Engineering Acoustics and Vibrations at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), part of Southampton University. And worked as an acoustic consultant before going solo.

    Today, with 23 years experience soundproofing different buildings with bespoke systems, he continues to develop innovative products to help you create spaces where you can relax.

Paul McNaughton - Acoustic Engineer

Introducing the Portable Acoustic Baffle from Sound-Insul8ion

Control your environment for better audio quality

Visit the Portable Acoustic Baffle website...


Innovation in home acoustic control

Our lives are getting busier and noiser. And now, with millions of us forced out of the office, we must juggle our personal and professional lives within the confines of our homes. Sound-Insul8ion Ltd is working on tools to help you take more control of your environment.

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